Cancellation MTBO days 2020

31. März 2020

After canceling the MTBO World Cup planned for the Czech Republic in August, we decided to cancel the MTBO days (July 8th – 12th).
The expected international participation (World ranking event, Young Guns series, World masters series, div.Nat.Cups) requires this early decision in order to provide the guests with some clarity in this otherwise very unclear time.
Coordination with the 4-day MTBO in the Czech Republic (“Orient Express”) a week earlier as a joint 10-day event makes further planning obsolete, since the entry and exit to / from the Czech Republic will at least take place in the coming months is questionable.

From the current perspective, we will hold the MTBO days exactly one year later (after the 5 – day MTBO in Pilsen).
Until then: persevere and all the best!


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